Arrondissement Copenhagen


Arrondissement Copenhagen creates custom made furniture in high quality. On this page, you can see some of their work.

Black Reduced Ceramics

Black Reduced Ceramics


Black Reduced Ceramics

Dinner Plae – 30cm diam x 2cm h 
Lunch Plate – 22cm diam x 2cm h 
Soup Bowl – 30cm diam x 5cm h 
Breakfast Bowel – 15cm diam x 8cm h 
Serving Bowl – 27cm diam x 10cm h 
Small Cup – 8cm diam x 8cm h 
Large Cup – 10cm diam x 10cm h

The ceramics from Arrondissement Copenhagen is made by hand, which make each and every item unique.

Lead time
Approximately 6 weeks

Further information 
Due to the hand finished nature of this product variations in colour and finish may occur and images are to be used as guide only. 

Custom sizes available — Please enquire here.

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