Arrondissement Copenhagen


Arrondissement Copenhagen uses leather, iron, bras and many more natural elements to produce the furniture. On this page you can read about maintenance. 

Black Reduced Ceramics

Ceramics from Arrondissement are made of pure natural brown clay molded by hand. After a drying process, the clay is entered into a combustion process using only natural firewood. The ceramics are blackened by being smoking at a certain temperature, which makes every item unique as the color nuance depends on where it is placed in the oven when smoked. As these are handmade products sizes, shapes and colors may vary.


Welded iron with raw handcrafted details. Tarnished iron has a hand-finished nature, which varies in color, shades and finish. The iron has received a mat lacquered finish.

Burnished Brass

Burnished brass has received a deliberate oxidation, which does not seal the material. It forms a living surface. Already when new it is uneven, and over time it changes and forms a natural patina.


Full grain, Indian water buffalo leather with a Paraffin wax finish. Fire-retardant, biologically degradable, recyclable leather. All skins are finished by hand in order to accentuate the natural characteristics. The hides used come from animals that have lived in the wild and are preserved using modern vegetable tanning. The tanning, dyeing and finishing is done with biologically degradable materials. Leather color can vary from hide to hide and will change naturally over time based on use and exposure to sunlight. Care: Wash with a moist soap-free cloth. Treat with leather soap or leather grease.